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Older adults have unique needs and issues that need to be addressed while in treatment for alcohol/drug issues.  Many older adults face grief and loss of a loved one.  After retirement, many people may begin to drink more alcohol or become more depressed by changes in their social identity and feel a lack of purpose in life.

John’s family called us to help him with his alcoholism.  John had worked for a family business and drinking was a normal part of his entertaining clients.  His family had difficulty talking to him about his drinking because John was their source of financial stability. 

After he retired, his drinking increased to the point that he no longer wanted to go out of the house.  He lost interest in activities and received a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) citation.  This alarmed his family, but they didnt know how to help him.  Because Medicare did not cover addiction treatment in a traditional rehab program, he went to a hospital for detox and returned home and started to drink again.

The CLEAR team was able to meet with his family and intervene.  John decided to go to treatment where he would be with other men his age.  He completed treatment and repaired his relationships with his family.

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