Key Components

CLEAR Key Components
What can we do together that we can’t do alone?* 

Each letter of CLEAR represents a core component to accomplish its vision and mission.

Coalition Building … To build an effective coalition to address addiction from a systemic perspective:

  • Build partnerships with individuals, treatment centers and organizations
  • Network and share knowledge and expertise with the general community
  • Train leaders in systemic thinking and build a common framework to work together
  • Provide Membership Data Base and Career Resources for members

Leadership… Nurture and develop community leaders to work together and accomplish goals:

  • Build relationships within and outside of the addictions community
  • Serve as a catalyst for starting new initiatives in the community to combat addiction
  • Recruit and show hospitality to new members and smaller agencies in the field

Education… Teach individuals, families, and community about addiction disease:

  • To educate the broad community about the issue of addiction and resources for help
  • To target specific members of the community who are in a position to help (doctors/clergy)
  • Plan and implement bi-monthly educational presentations on current timely issues
  • Coordinate specific training seminars and an annual conference on addiction
  • Conduct public awareness campaigns targeted at reducing the stigma of addiction
  • To keep recovery “upfront” by inviting Recovery Speakers at all events

Advocacy… To speak with One Common Voice about addiction:

  • Advocate Policies to support treatment and recovery for the addicted
  • Address and fill gaps in the treatment system and avoid duplications of services
  • Advocate for treatment for individuals and families on a public/private level
  • Advocate for treatment rather than incarceration for the non-violent offender
  • Ensure access to quality treatment for every person, including the uninsured/incarcerated
  • Support enforcement of PA ACT 106 legislation to improve access to treatment
  • Promote increased funding for prevention, treatment and recovery from addiction.

Recovery… Create opportunities to recover (lessen suffering) from addiction disease:

  • To seek an optimum environment for quality treatment and recovery from addictions
  • Integrate screening, intervention, treatment, recovery and aftercare services
  • Create and support sober activities in the community