CLEAR’s Vision

The vision for CLEAR is that Pittsburgh will be known for its excellence and leadership for recognizing and addressing the epidemic of addiction and related problems in our community, and thereby lessening the human suffering caused by addiction.

The vision of CLEAR is to make Pittsburgh known as a “City of Recovery.” (When we refer to Pittsburgh, it includes Allegheny and the surrounding counties in Western PA) From an economic standpoint, Pittsburgh is already viewed as a City of Recovery as related to the steel industry. Pittsburgh was once famous for steel and recovered from the closing of the mills, pollution and economic downturns. Now, Pittsburgh is becoming known for its advances in the environment – for building green buildings and for recycling. It has cleaned its rivers and has become “the most livable city in the US.” Now it is time for Pittsburgh to focus on recycling people, our most important asset, especially those who are suffering from addiction disease.

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