CLEAR’s Mission

CLEAR’s mission is to make the vision a reality… to make Pittsburgh known as a “City of Recovery.”  CLEAR provides a forum for active participation by community leaders to publicly recognize addiction as a critical (public/private) community problem.  CLEAR is leading the way to develop creative solutions to combat addiction in our community.

Unlike other health problems, addiction affects every system in our community – the educational system, healthcare system, criminal justice system, etc.  It is time that we address this critical issue in a systemic and holistic manner.

CLEAR also serves as a catalyst to educate and advocate for the creation of an effective, efficient and integrated community system for the prevention, treatment and recovery from all addictions.  CLEAR also works to ensure that individuals and families have consistent clear opportunities to recover and heal from addictions and to return to society making a valuable contribution to our community.

If Pittsburgh can address this issue correctly, it will have the opportunity to make Pittsburgh a more desirable place to live and be known as a “City of Recovery.”

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